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2018-08-06 Monday
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  Casdilly :Take on the Duty to Create Nanjing Branded Garments

The military parade in the 60th anniversary of National Day, which vibrated and encouraged the whole country, is still vivid in our minds. National Flag Guard and Armed Police, who were in non- ironing special white shirts and well-fitting parade suits, unfold Casdilly Parade Suits Collection to the world. The color contrast between army green and white, the steadfast facial expression as well as unswerving eyes below the peak caps altogether demonstrate the officers and soldiers' confidence and self-determination. 


Engaged in the cap production first, then tale over the whole wardrobe

Retrospecting the 15-year hard development history, Casdilly deserves the reputation as the king in the peak cap industry, which made its fortune from a little cap-workshop just covering a dozen of square meters. Now, Casdilly has developed into a leading enterprise with the annual comprehensive production capacity of 3000 thousand pieces of uniforms and 2000 thousand pieces of standard peak caps. Besides, our company's capital assets exceed 200 million RMB and the annual turnover is above 400 million RMB. In a word, we have successfully opened up a huge domestic and overseas market.

Be high-profile and unique in Military Parade

According to the general manager Mr. Li Zhiming, the ceremonial dresses for National Flag Guard embroider three stripes on the cuff, and ornament two natural-falling braids in the front, which was distinguished from Armed Police. The officers and soldiers are muscular. In order to stereoscopic impression, formfitting and stiff and smooth when in the uniforms, the measuring master analyses everyone's body configuration meticulously. Due to the imperceptible changes in the shape in the long and high-insensitive training, the head company delegated the designers and measuring masters to Beijing for four times to measure for 1200 officers and soldiers, and finally, manufactured almost 3000 sets of ceremonial dresses.

Made to Measure

A lot of middle-aged men who are over 40 years old will suffer for the big stomach or the big neck line when they buy clothes. Casdilly can see what customers need, and relying on mass customerization mode, changes the embarrassed condition that some people, with special stature, can’t get the well-fitting clothes, and win the favor good graces of a large amount of customers.

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